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i quokka in viaggio 15 cose da fare a los angeles

15 things to do in Los Angeles

Are you in Los Angeles and feel lost? A few days and you don't know where to start? We recommend the 15 things to do in Los Angeles in 4 days!

Which SIM to buy in the USA?

When you are abroad do you prefer to buy a local SIM? Or do you prefer to use your tariff with roaming abroad? Are you about to leave and don't know what to do? We recommend you which SIM to buy in the USA!

Come funzionano le mance

How tips work in the USA

You are about to leave for the United States and you know that tips are mandatory, now "Yes, you know"! But, really, How do tips work in the US !?

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Giugi and Nico!

Who we are!? We met behind a desk of a bankrupt company, among a thousand difficulties we decided to undertake together the adventure of life, and after the first trip together … we wouldn’t do anything else !!! Between one trip and another we fantasize, like real children, about the next destination and the next itinerary. Our motto that echoes both on the wall of our house and in our office:

“If you dream alone it’s just a dream, if you dream together it’s the reality that begins” (African Proverb)

Who are the Quokka?

The name of the blog: Quokka In Travel .. do you know what a quokka is ?? the happiest animal in the world. A “title” that has earned thanks to its expression of the nose that always remembers a beautiful smile .. here we identify ourselves in the quokka just because if we just start talking about travel we get the smile on our face !!


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