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Travel Blogger

Travel Consultants

As Travel Consultants, we can help you plan customized trips, whether you already have a destination in mind or just want to travel.
We’ll work with you to create a customized itinerary and provide assistance before, during, and after your trip to ensure a unique and personalized experience. Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with ViaggiAtelier, we can offer all the best deals from tour operators, as well as create a custom trip tailored to your needs. Got a wedding coming up? Contact us to learn about the exclusive benefits of our Wedding List!

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Collaborations with Quokka In Travel

As Quokka In Viaggio, we have put all our passions, knowledge and experiences into action. There are many services linked to the blog that we can offer you. Whether you are a brand, an institution, a tour operator or a hotel, we can help you by putting our experience, creativity, enthusiasm and expertise at your service.

We offer you:

  • articles that move you
  • daily storytelling on social media (especially Instagram and Facebook): each activity/trip will be accompanied by photos with catchy and exhaustive captions, and by short videos
  • live sharing: of experiences through Stories
  • engagement: many of our readers choose to book their trips after reading our blog or seeing our photos and videos, relying on our advice, our stories and videos, our emotions.

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Social Media Manager

We work together to create a “custom” communication strategy based on your specific interests and goals.
Thanks to our experience in communication and web marketing (and the ongoing training we do), we help companies like yours to tell their story on the web, manage social pages, create targeted content with your project and personalized photos. Together with you, we can draft an editorial plan and help you create content with the goal of adding value to your business so that it can stand out and reach your target audience.

Nothing is impossible! Make your project a reality, write to us and we will show you how an abstract idea can become a concrete and real product.

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Copywriter and Web Content Editor

We offer our experience as copywriters and content creators to best express your value online. Companies trust us to manage the content of their online activities.

We are available to provide a personalized solution based on your real needs, whether your business is new to the web:

  • Creation of Websites;
  • Digital Storytelling;
  • SEO-oriented copywriting;
  • Creation of personalized photos and graphics

or has been established for a while:

  • Complete SEO review of the website;
  • Dedicated metrics analysis;
  • Webmaster;
  • Creation of AD campaigns

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Graphic Design

Online & Offline Graphics

We use the best technologies and the most advanced photo editing programs to create custom graphics, tailored to your needs. We also collaborate with trusted printing houses to ensure the continuity of the project from idea to finished product:

  • Company Logo;
  • Brochures;
  • Business Cards;
  • Catalogs;
  • Advertising Banners;
  • Wedding Kits

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