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Giugi e Nico!

Hey there! We’re Giugi and Nico. We met behind a desk at a failing company and, despite a lot of challenges, decided to embark on a life adventure together.

We started getting to know each other and traveling together and haven’t looked back since! On this blog, you’ll find tons of travel tips and info from our passion for traveling. We like to plan our own trips and hunt for unique spots and local restaurants.

Quokka In Travel is our diary, a guide for travelers made by travelers. We created it to share with people like you, travelers looking for inspiration for their next trip and seeking advice from people who have lived the places they’re talking about.

We like to plan our own trips. We love going anywhere, as long as we’re together, visiting new places, and having new experiences! Before we leave, we get lost in paper guides and online searching for all the must-see places and things to do. Of course, we write everything down in our travel diary, and most importantly, we search for restaurants to eat at in each location we visit!

What do we enjoy?

  • TRAVEL You would never have guessed it, right?
  • PHOTOGRAPHY Giugi is hard to stop when she’s on the go and can take thousands of shots on every trip.
  • DISCOVER Whenever we visit a new place, we like to get lost in the streets, canals, rice paddies and really soak in the place, not just stick to the touristy spots!
  • EATING We’re total foodies and love trying out the local eats wherever we go. When we’re back home, we try to whip up some of the dishes too.

Why a Blog?

Quokka In Travel is our escape, our place to talk about what we love and share it with others who share our passion. It’s our diary where we document our adventures, emotions, and feelings, and give our tips.
We love sharing our experiences and what we’ve learned traveling, the emotions we’ve felt, and the misadventures that have shaped us. We always try to give helpful advice based on our own travel experiences. When we decided to start this blog in 2017, we were readers of our colleagues’ blogs too: we checked out their advice and travel stories and thought, why not contribute ourselves?

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Who are the Quokkas?

Do you want to know where the name of the blog: Quokka In Travel, comes from?…

Do you know what a quokka is?

Quokkas are the happiest animals on earth! They’ve earned this title because their faces always look like they’re smiling. That’s us, we’re just like quokkas.
As soon as we start talking about travel, we can’t stop grinning!! We started this adventure in 2017 as a couple: in work, life, and travel. In 2020, we became parents to little Bebe and had to change up our travel experiences a bit, looking for places and experiences that suit our new life.


I’d take pictures of anything, like I’m afraid of forgetting the emotions, colors, and landscapes, so I gotta capture everything and look at them a million times!!! And then… I love eating.. but not doing it!!! That’s Nico’s job!! Ah, I’m such a klutz… I trip, twist, and automatically start laughing like a fool!!

I love traveling, organizing, I never want to sit still! As soon as we have even just a free weekend, I’m looking for a new spot to visit with Nico.


I’m the one who makes Giugi’s wild ideas happen, the practical one in the couple who tries to make the trip work and hit all the destinations we planned before we left.

When we’re home, I love trying out the recipes we tasted on our travels, looking up some recipes online and winging it a bit… which is a must in the kitchen!

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