Quokka Advice - 15 things to do in LA (2)
Quokka Advice - 15 things to do in LA (2)

Are you in Los Angeles and feel lost in the Metropolis? You have a few days and you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we recommend the 15 things to do in Los Angeles in just 4 days!

15 things to do in Los Angeles

  1. Santa Monica Pier
  2. Bicycle from Santa Monica to Venice Beach
  3. The Getty Center
  4. Rodeo Drive at night
  5. Breakfast at Mel’s
  6. UCLA brotherhoods
  7. Beverly Hills
  8. Walk of Fame
  9. TCL Chinese Theatre
  10. Hollywood Sign
  11. Walt Disney Concert Hall
  12. Dinner on a Rooftop
  13. Griffith Observatory
  14. Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM
  15. Disneyland Park Anaheim

Here we are finally landed in Los Angeles! After relaxing on the beaches of Laguna Beach and visiting San Diego, we finally arrive in Los Angeles! When you organize your trip to the US you will not realize what it means Los Angeles! It is not a city! It’s a collection of cities! Think that it is big 7 times Milan! If you are planning your first trip to Los Angeles, you probably want to try to see everything possible, but you don’t know where to start! Don’t worry we will give you some advice on the 15 things to do in Los Angeles!

Santa Monica Pier

First stop, we take it away and to not feel too much the lack of the Ocean, which rocked us in Laguna Beach, we start from the Santa Monica pier! Get ready because, if you decide to go there on the weekend, it is full of people and it becomes almost difficult to move! Despite this it is a must in the 15 things to do in Los Angeles: the Pier is huge and full of shops and restaurants. At the end of the pier, in addition to the fishermen with their fishing rods, there is even an LAPD pickup!

Bicycle from Santa Monica to Venice Beach

Like the real Californians, rent bicycles under the Santa Monica Pier and take the cycle path to Venice Beach! Here, too, be careful of traffic and if you are reckless, rent the Tandem! You’ll start to taste Los Angeles and the real California: you’ll come across a number of typical types of people! The gym that trains in Muscle Beach, the freak of Venice Beach, the street artist, the skaters of Venice.

The Getty Center

Even if you are not an art lover you cannot miss climbing the Getty Center! Park directly in the underground car park and take the monorail to the top of the hill! From the top you can see all of Los Angeles from above, with the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles skyscrapers. The modern design was designed by the architect Richard Meier and is perfectly integrated on the hill.

Rodeo Drive at night

I don’t think Rodeo Drive needs any presentation, but the advice we give you is to go there at night! I don’t think I would go shopping and in the evening it is the best time during which you can enjoy the magic of the street without the crush of tourists taking pictures. Park your car in the adjacent streets and enjoy a private tour of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way. You will feel like you are in a movie and you will be the protagonist!

Breakfast at Mel’s

On the second day, wake up early enough and don’t miss the chance to make a traditional Brunch for Funny Sunday! We were lucky because Mel’s was close to our hotel, but we recommend you go there! In addition to a great breakfast it will be like going back in time!

UCLA brotherhoods

If you want to savor the true California life, we recommend taking a tour of the dormitories of the University of California, Los Angeles. There are entire quarters of confraternities, each with their identifying symbol well exposed on the facade! Take a quick ride without getting out of the car, there are many things to see and no time to waste!

Beverly Hills

We’re serious guys! We are in Los Angeles! You can’t miss going to see the fantastic Beverly Hills Villas with the hope of maybe meeting some Hollywood actor in a robe! Some ritual photos and we leave again! Ragazzi siamo seri! Siamo a Los Angeles!

Walk of Fame

You can’t come to Los Angeles and not take the famous Walk of Fame! Especially if it’s your first time in Los Angeles, you’re almost forced to come and photograph the stars on the sidewalk! If you are planning your trip and you are movie buffs, you can organize the visit during the screening of a first viewing of a Hollywood blockbuster! 😉

TCL Chinese Theatre

You can’t miss the TCL Chinese Theater on the Walk of Fame! A cinema that looks like a Chinese pagoda on the outside, but the peculiarity for which it has become famous is the carpet of footprints of famous actors and directors that are scattered throughout the atrium opposite the entrance to the TCL Chinese Theater.

Hollywood Sign

It needs no introduction! After seeing the Walk of Fame, get back in the car and head to the Hollywood Sign! From here you can enjoy a crazy view of the metropolis of Los Angeles and at weekends it is the starting point for many Hikes!

Walt Disney Concert Hall

For dinner, just before going to dinner on some Rooftops in Downtown, you have to go to the Walt Disney Concert Hall! This building is truly spectacular from an architectural point of view and you will end up arriving late for dinner! You won’t be able to stop taking pictures, trust me!

Dinner on a Rooftop

Don’t be impressed by the location! In Los Angeles you can find many Rooftops where you can dine without spending more than you would spend on the ground floor! But the view that you can enjoy from here is really fantastic!

Griffith Observatory

Take notes! The Griffith is very popular at sunset, but it’s the best time to go there! To go to the Observatory the best thing is to park at the beginning of the park and take the free shuttle that takes you to the top of the hill. However given the turnout it will not be easy to take the shuttle and the best thing will be to do the climbing on foot! Don’t worry the walk will last 10/15 minutes but when you reach the top you will be rewarded by your efforts! On the one hand you will see all of Los Angeles from above, on the other the Hollywood Sign colored in orange and pink at sunset!

Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM

Did you know that in Los Angeles, right next to Rodeo Drive, there is the first ATM for Cupcakes?! The dream of every sweet tooth! You’re out and about, you want a cupcake, but it’s night and it’s all closed up?! No problem! Go to Sprinkles, select your favorite cupcake, insert your credit card and in 1 minute your fresh cupcake will be delivered to you!!

DisneyLand - Palloncini

Disneyland Park Anaheim

There are no words to describe the experience of going to Disneyland in Anaheim! So we won’t tell you anything! We just give you some practical advice! Park the car in the residential area outside the main entrance: there the parking lots are free and you will save a lot! To get to the entrance then call a Uber who with a few dollars will take you directly to the entrance! Get ready to do the whole day from start to closing because you’ll need it! At the end of the day you will be exhausted but you will bring a magical experience for life!

DisneyLand - Ruota

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