Thailandia - 10 cose da fare a Bangkok

10 things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is a metropolis that never sleeps and the first impact can be very traumatic!! Bangkok manages to mix its important and impressive past with the most unbridled and futuristic modernity, also thanks to the tourist boom that has enormously helped the economy of this city. To better organize your trip to Thailand and visit Bangkok, we give you some advice with 10 things to do in Bangkok in just a few days!

10 things to do in Bangkok Thailandia - Street Food

Street Food

Street food is a must! In all of Asia, but in Bangkok you will be even more impressed by the contrast between the modernity of so many skyscrapers and the shacks that sell Noodles on the roadside. Don’t worry too much, but remember the basic rules of those traveling away from home: bottled water only and preferably avoid raw vegetables.

10 things to do in Bangkok Thailandia - Siam Center & Siam Discovery

Shopping Centers

In the center of Bangkok there is a myriad of shopping malls! Get out of one and find two more in front of you. Each one is different from the other and even if you are not a lover of shopping, we recommend taking a tour of a couple of these tower blocks with the spirit of the traveler! The Siam Center and Siam Discovery are very similar to Western shopping malls, but the MBK Center is completely different! It is developed on 9 levels and as you go up each floor becomes more and more messed up, with a thousand small shops/stalls that pile up on top of each other. The last two floors look like a street market with a thousand clothes, t-shirts, hats, souvenirs and so on and so forth!

10 things to do in Bangkok Thailandia - Chao Phraya

Boat ride on the Chao Phraya

As we will explain better in the itinerary for the Temples, we were lucky enough to take a local boat to arrive in the area of the Royal Palace. Let me tell you, after having had this experience we must recommend it to everyone! The cost of the ticket is 10bath, instead of the 40bath of the tourist boat, and makes the same stops. Plus you will have the chance to meet local people who are going to work or returning home.

10 things to do in Bangkok Thailandia - Wat Arun

Wat Arun

Wat Arun is one of the most important temples in Bangkok. To get there just take the Local boat and get off at stop number 8 Tha Tien; from there there is a shuttle that goes directly to the other side, to the entrance of the Wat Arun Temple. It is possible to visit the Temple for free in the outdoor area, but to enter to visit the main pagoda you must pay a ticket for 30 Bath.

10 things to do in Bangkok Thailandia - Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Wat Pho is famous throughout the world for keeping the Reclining Buddha inside. One of the longest in the world, a full 46 meters long and completely covered in gold! Wat Pho is actually a much larger complex and is famous for containing 1360 plaques bearing inscriptions of texts concerning traditional medicine teachings and Buddhist teachings, recognized by UNESCO for their contribution to the preservation of traditional culture.

10 things to do in Bangkok Thailandia - Bangkok Palazzo Reale

Royal Palace

You can’t come to Bangkok and not enter the Royal Palace! This immense complex is still the Royal Residence in Bangkok and an entire section cannot be visited because it is private and reserved for royalty and their Entourage. The entrance for tourists is 500 bath (€ 15), but eworth every penny! Try to arrive early in the morning to start your visit and don’t miss the hidden corners of this complex!

10 things to do in Bangkok Thailandia - Buddha di Giada

Inside, in fact, there is also the Wat Phra Kaew, or Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is considered the most important Buddhist temple in all of Thailand and preserves inside a statue of the Buddha carved in a single block of jade about 70 cm high.

10 things to do in Bangkok Thailandia - TukTuk

Tuk Tuk Ride

After so much history and culture you can’t miss a nice ride in TukTuk among the beastly traffic of Bangkok! This city never sleeps and with it even traffic. For this reason one of the most used means of transport is the Tuk-Tuk! These guys are speeding through the traffic with these traps at crazy speeds! Have faith and you will see that it will take you to your destination!

10 things to do in Bangkok Thailandia - Bangkok

Patpong Night Market!

Bangkok is famous for its nightlife and unbridled entertainment! You can’t spare yourself at least one night at a night market and the most characteristic is the one in the Patpong area. The market actually closes strictly at midnight and only the GoGo Bars and clubs offering PingPong Shows are open in the area, they tried to offer them to us even though it is clear that we are a couple!

10 things to do in Bangkok Thailandia - Floating Market

Floating Market

One of the 10 key attractions, if it’s your first time in Bangkok, is to visit a floating market. You can go around the canals and shop like the locals or stop for lunch to eat fish and shellfish directly on board the wooden boats. There are several in the Bangkok area, but the most famous are the Damnoen Saduak and the Amphawa, not far from each other, but 60km away from the city center.

10 things to do in Bangkok Thailandia - SkyBar


After touring all over Bangkok, enjoy an aperitif or dinner on the roof of the city in one of the many SkyBars! The view from up here is nothing short of fascinating and if you go at sunset it will be even more romantic!

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