The 5 best Hamburgers in the USA!
The 5 best Hamburgers in the USA!

The 5 best Hamburgers in the USA!

Are you in the United States or are you planning to go there soon and don’t want to miss the typical dish of this country? Make yourself comfortable and discover where to eat the 5 best Hamburgers in the USA! In our short trip to the States we have tasted them everywhere, of every type, genre and size! We have however decided to indicate only the best 5 we have selected. If you want the whole list please email us and ask us for the excluded!

New York - Shake Shack Brooklyn

1. Shake Shack – Brooklyn

As we told you in our post about our Third Day in New York, we discovered this Shake Shack in Dumbo almost by accident! If you go to Brooklyn, you absolutely have to go and eat a Hamburger in this place! You’ll be lucky enough to eat a burger, one of the best on the East Coast, with a view directly over the Brooklyn Bridge! Get ready because the burgers that await you are breathtaking! We from real fat guys opted for two Double SmokeShack, accompanied by the typical Shake Shack chips: the Bacon Cheese Fries! Covered with melted cheese and small bacon! Absolutely a lust and we will tell you more: Giugi which is usually a bottomless well failed to finish the burger after the fatty fries!

New York - Shake Shack

2. In&Out – Hollywood

Shake Shack’s West Coast counterpart is definitely In-N-Out! And among all those that exist scattered in California, what to choose but the one on Sunset Blvd. in the Hollywood neighborhood ?! If you intend to go there, be patient with so much patience! At lunchtime (as we did) it is really packed and finding a place to sit becomes really hard! You’ll find yourself stalking the people who are about to finish the burger ready to occupy the table. This chain is famous throughout America for the quality of the raw material! The meat is 100% American without additives and preservatives; the salad, tomatoes and potatoes are cut at the moment before being used! So get in the queue and rest assured that you will taste one of the 5 best burgers in the USA.

In-N-Out - Double Double

3. Heartland Brewery and Rotisserie – Manhattan

Here we took our first Hamburger in the USA! The first night, arrived in New York, just before getting on the Empire State Building! This place is right under the Empire State Building tower, so the advice is to stop for dinner here before climbing the tower. Just like we did! This place is very nice in furnishing and very reminiscent of the typical breweries! So you are obliged to accompany your Hamburger with a good beer! Heartland Brewery and Rotisserie is what we call a “slow fast food!”: In addition to hamburgers you can also order delicious dishes and you can sit at a table served by a waiter like a restaurant.

New York - Heartland Brewery and Rotisserie

4. Carl’s Junior on the road

We happen, almost by chance, in this Fast Food on the return journey from Yosemite National Park to Los Angeles. We leave the Freeway and stop in a kind of American Autogrill. Even if it looks like a normal Fast Food, always remember that in the USA every Hamburger you eat has nothing to do with the ones you’ll find in Italy! We felt obliged to take a The Big Carl and we wanted to try an All Natural Hamburger to compare it with the one eaten by In-N-Out!

Carl's Junior on the road

5.Malibu Farm on Malibu Pier

Last but not least! … Malibu Farm! It doesn’t matter if you are or are not fond of Hamburgers, if you are not hungry or if you have just finished eating! You have to come here! You will have the chance to sit comfortably on the Malibu Pier, eating a great km0 Hamburger because the products used are all local. If this were not enough the view you will enjoy from here is unpayable! On one side you will have all the dream villas on the beach of Malibu and on the other an army of surfers enjoying life! Malibu is an experience that everyone should try and why not, with a Hamburger in hand!

Malibu - Farm Malibu

We put you hungry eh !? Tell us what your favorites are and share with us your culinary experiences in the USA!

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