Laguna Beach FreeParking Mission

Finding Free Parking in Laguna Beach!

FreeParking Mission in Laguna Beach!

Finding parking in Laguna Beach is not easy, along the main roads the parking lots are all toll parking and it is not always clear how much and when to pay! Most hotels offer a Valet Parking service, but it’s not cheap (on average it takes $ 30 a day). But fear not you can find free parking in Laguna Beach!!

Valet Parking Option

In Laguna Beach the most popular option for parking is Valet Parking, almost all hotels and restaurants offer this valet parking service. You won’t even have to park the car because, at the entrance of the hotel/restaurant, a boy will be available to take it into custody and park it for you. When you have to leave, all you have to do is give the numbered coupon and they will bring you the car back. It’s definitely very comfortable and it’s definitely easy to get used to these little VIP cuddles, but this service will cost you an average of $ 30 a day!

Public Parking Option

The town of Laguna Beach offers Parking Lot, at reduced rates, scattered in the more peripheral areas. You can choose to park in these parking lots and use the free shuttle that runs throughout the town with numerous stops. You will certainly find the stop closest to your hotel, however these car parks have limited spaces and you may have to try more than one parking lot before you can find a place. In addition they are not free, although they are cheaper than parking on the coast and there is this shuttle service, you still have to pay!

Laguna Beach - Summer Parking Map
This is the very useful map with parking lots and the path of the Shuttle Trolley! you can download it from Laguna Beach City

Free Parking

If like us, you want True Free Parking, you won’t be satisfied with the first solution! Just behind the South Coast Highway, towards the mountain, there are a lot of streets with private houses where the parking is totally free and nobody gets in the way! You can get confused between the machines of the residents (who have no identification coupons) and go to the beach or your hotel on foot. In our case, the hotel the Pacific Edge Hotel was only 5 minutes walk from the parking lot we found!

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And now?! Where do we eat in Laguna Beach?!

Are you in Laguna Beach and don’t know where to eat? Discover the best places to eat in Laguna Beach in the next post!

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