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Boccadasse – Home Sweet Home

We have to start from here! When we decided to embark on this adventure in telling you about Liguria we immediately asked ourselves where to start: do we start rationally from east to west? Do we do cities first? Are we starting from the most famous and known places?

Then the answer was there, just around the corner, just a few steps from home … actually right at home! The Borgo of Boccadasse! This will be our departure!

Like every trip we tell you, even the journey to our land MUST start from here!

Departure and arrival!

Perhaps we have never told you about it (and this is certainly the best opportunity!) But every journey of ours begins and ends here! In this small fishing village, perched on the rocks where we grew up. Before each departure we come here to sit on the rocks and listen to the sea, filling up with “Home” almost for fear of forgetting you while we are away, and to say goodbye before the trip.

And, with each return, let’s go back here! How to do it when you go to greet the family and to show the photos of the trip, to tell the experiences lived and to recover the nostalgia!

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