Perfect day on Lake Maggiore
Perfect day on Lake Maggiore

A perfect day on Lake Maggiore!

A day at the Lake!

Today I tell you what for me was a perfect day from beginning to end, so I hope to give you a hint to decide what to do on Lake Maggiore!! There are so many things to do and see!! In fact we will definitely be back!!

Lunch and climbing at Mottarone!

Then, the first stop was in Vezzo, a village on the heights of Lake Maggiore, where we stopped at La Cascinetta for an exquisite lunch in a cute, fine and elegant restaurant, but at the same time rustic! It was one of the first autumn days and being at a table set with care, with a nice fireplace next to it, it was really nice! Then the food was really good!! And the cupcake was not missing to celebrate my birthday a little longer!!

Lago Maggiore - Mottarone

After the festivities, running by car because the day is full of stages with timetables to be respected! We head towards Mount Mottarone which, in winter, is a destination for skiers and we go towards Alpyland!! From here you can enjoy a crazy view: you can admire all the peaks of the already snow-capped Alps and, at the same time, the spectacle of Lake Maggiore on one side and Lake Orta on the other!!

The descent with the bob!

From the top of the Mottarone you have the opportunity to enjoy the relaxed view, taking you to the shore of the lake in Stresa using the cable car, or, if you are more sporty and looking for something alternative, you can try the bob on the rail!! We wanted to do both, but we didn’t have enough time because we already had the next stage organized!! So we opted to do only the rail bob!

Lago Maggiore - Bob su rotaia

You can choose to do it alone or in pairs and even children over 1.20m tall can do it. A single trip costs € 5 and there is the possibility to buy more trips at a discounted price if you want to repeat it more times (for example 4 trips for € 18)!! The cost of the cable car, instead, is € 19 round trip. In case you want to try the cable car, of course, it’s a good idea to leave the car in Stresa, take the cable car to go up to the Mottarone and go back down to Stresa!

Quokka Recommend: to get to the top of Mount Mottarone, starting from Stresa, you have to take the private road Borromea and you have to pay the toll of € 8; if instead you get on the Mottarone starting from Lake Orta the road is free.

In all this I had my very sweet balloon in the shape of a Red Heart that had left Genoa with me, but at this altitude it suddenly exploded as we climbed the Mottarone and I felt terrible!
After having taken those thousands of photos of the splendid panorama and having experienced the thrill of the bobsled on rails, let’s move quickly towards the next stage!

Aperitif on the boat on Lake Maggiore!

We go down to Stresa, on the shore of Lake Maggiore, and another surprise was organized by Nico and my friends … while, unaware, I observe and enjoy the tranquility of the Lake with Nico, my friends are inside a bar and, at a certain point, they come out with a bottle of wine and goblets and in the company of a gentleman who carries a tray with various appetizers and heads for a boat. Really??? Have you organized the aperitif on the boat on Lake Maggiore?

Lago Maggiore - Barche a Stresa

I have friends who are the end of the world!! So, you got it right, the day ends in style with an aperitif and tour of the Borromean Islands by boat, reserved for us all! It’s a very romantic thing!! To do absolutely!! The tour lasted an hour … and I wanted it to never end!! A playlist of romantic and relaxing background music, sip a glass of wine, chat with friends and enjoy a crazy view, going from one island to another!

Lago Maggiore - Isole Borromee Tramonto

It was really beautiful !! And you know what? You know that infamous evening in which there was a crazy sunset, with fantastic colors in northern Italy?! Here, it was just that night there!! And we were there, on Lake Maggiore, where the picturesque colors of the sky reflected on the water of the Lake and made the islands even more fairy-tale!!

It was just the icing on the cake!!

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