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The day at Disneyland is always unforgettable, but with two parks (Disneyland and California Adventure), hundreds of attractions and shows, and thousands of people coming in every day, this guide will help you not waste time when you get to Disneyland!

Disneyland - Walt Disney

Opening Hours

Disneyland officially opens at 9am, but if you are a morning person you can buy a Magic Morning Pass, which will allow you to enter well 1 hour and 15 minutes ahead of the opening to the public.
Both parks open at 9am, but while California Adventure closes at 11pm, Disneyland offers an hour of extra magic, until midnight!

Disneyland - Fuga


There are several parking lots reserved for Disneyland visitors in the area, but as the ticket to the park already costs a lot, here’s what you can do to save $ 20 to $ 40.
Just minutes from the park, between West Vermont Avenue and South Flore Street, there is a residential neighborhood with several blocks where you can park for free on the street. Keep an eye on the restrictions, for example on the day of street cleaning, which should be on a weekday. Find out how to read signs in the USA.
After parking the park entrance is a 15 minute walk or alternatively you can take a Uber for a few dollars and arrive in 2 minutes.

Disneyland - Little World


Tickets can be bought online on the official website or directly at the entrance, but the price is the same:

$ 124 for access to a single park or $ 174 for access to both parks (price may vary depending on the peak period or weekend you are going).

Quokka Recommend: We recommend that you visit both parks, which will give you the opportunity to go back and forth between one park and another throughout the day!

Disneyland - CornDog

California Adventure

The California Adventure Park is divided into 5 sections:

  1. A Bug’s Land (suitable for the little ones with many attractions taken from the Disney Pixar movie “A Bug’s Life”);
  2. Cars Land (if you are Fan of the series, you can make a pit stop directly at Radiator Springs and immerse yourself in the world of Cars);
  3. Grizzly Peak (a real giant mountain! In this section you can experience great emotions at Soaring Over The World);
  4. Hollywood Land (you can immerse yourself in the worlds of Disney’s Best Sellers such as Monster Inc., Finding Nemo, or helping the Guardians of the Galaxy escape);
  5. Paradise Pier (here you can experience the thrill of California Screaming, admire the whole park from the top of the Mickey’s Ferris Wheel)

Don’t miss the World of Colors show in the evening! a beautiful show with water games, lights and Disney music!

Disneyland - Minnie


Disneyland is every child’s dream! Although it has grown a little by now! It is easy to enter and be fascinated and enchanted by the whole world that is hidden inside!

Disneyland is divided into 7 worlds, each very different from the other:

  1. Adventure Land
  2. New Orleans Square
  3. Critter Country
  4. Frontierland
  5. Fantasyland
  6. Tomorrowland
  7. Mickey’s Toontown
Disneyland - Radiator Spring


Unlike many Italian parks, the FastPass at Disneyland are free and accessible to everyone. For the most popular attractions you will find the Fast Pass section near the entrance to the attraction. Just insert your ticket and you will receive a pass with a set time. When you return to the scheduled time, just show the FastPass to skip the queue! Example: if you go to get the fast pass for Soaring Over the world at 11am, it could tell you to come back at 2pm. At that time showing your ticket you can easily skip the queue, saving valuable time for other attractions.

Disneyland - Paradise Pier

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2 thoughts on “Disneyland e California Adventure”

  1. susan charlett

    Hi Guys – loving this 15 USA trip.
    I am following your trail and would like to know the hotels you stayed in
    Los Angeles
    San Francisco

    1. Hi Susan, welcome to our blog.
      We try to answer you step by step:
      – for our days in LA we decided to stay in Laguna Beach, in order to be more peaceful, by the sea but still close enough to LA and the surrounding attractions. We chose the Pacific Edge Hotel.
      Only on the last day before flying home did we move further into the city to the LUXE Hotel Sunset Boulevard, I’ll also leave you the link on how to find free parking in Laguna Beach!
      – in San Francisco, on the other hand, we preferred to stay in the center to take the car as little as possible to get around. We chose the Hotel Zephyr, very comfortable!
      – unfortunately we only passed in Malibu during the day and we didn’t stay directly, there are few structures and they are all quite expensive.
      – we went to Disneyland during the days we stayed in Laguna Beach at the Pacific Edge Hotel

      If you have other curiosities, write to us!
      Giugi & Nico

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