Quokka Advice - what to do in Laguna Beach
Quokka Advice - what to do in Laguna Beach

What to do in Laguna Beach!

Our trip to California continues! We decided to use Laguna Beach as a base to visit some Southern California. It’s time to tell you what to do in Laguna Beach!

Laguna Beach – California from the Movies!

Laguna Beach is a fantastic city typical of Orange County, it is a former colony of artists and references can still be found today. Scattered throughout the city there are numerous art galleries and private collections. Californian tourist destination, as well as tourists, is mostly populated by people who escape from the Los Angeles Metropolis to enjoy the climate, the waves and the relaxed pace of this town.

Laguna Beach - Main beach

Main Beach

If you come to Laguna Beach you’ll probably go there! Coming from Laguna Canyon Road, which takes you from the Freeway to the coast, you end up right in there. We recommend it because it is the typical Californian beach with the Lifeguard Tower in plain sight, the Beach Volleyball courts and the Main Beach Park! Take a few minutes to relax on the beach lulled by the waves of the ocean or in the shade of the trees that cool the park behind the beach!

Heisler Park

This park is very close to the Main Beach and it is very easy to get there by walking along the pedestrian promenade that runs along the cliff! From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Laguna Beach and the Ocean! We advise you to get there on foot: leave your car in one of the car parks in Laguna, or follow our tips for finding free parking in Laguna Beach, and start straight from Main Beach! Take the walk to Heisler Park and we assure you that you will take lots of photos thanks to the cliff and the thousand flowers with the Ocean as a backdrop! If you feel like walking, go as far as the Flag Memorial: a View Point overlooking the Ocean where, of course, the American Stars and Stripes Flag flies like a lantern!

Laguna Beach - Heisler Park

Art gallery

For culture lovers, Laguna Beach offers a huge variety of art galleries and private collections that can be visited. A whole day will not be enough to be able to see them all and prepare your wallet because you will certainly find some unique pieces to send home. Laguna Beach is so tied to its history of the Colony of Artists that, scattered throughout the town, there are works of contemporary art that make the stay even more fascinating.

Laguna Beach - Contemporary Art

Surfin’ Usa

California is surely the capital of Surfing and even in Laguna lovers of this sport will have their teeth! On almost all the beaches there are areas dedicated to those who want to surf. They are well separated from the areas where it is possible to swim. In this way Surfers are not afraid of ending up on bathers and those who want to bathe in peace are not afraid of being flown over by a board in action.

Laguna Beach - Beach

Tour delle Ville di Laguna Beach

If, like us, you love beautiful homes and daydream looking at spectacular villas and houses, Laguna Beach will give you a stiff neck! Go down to the beach with your towel under your arm, the sand under your feet and the ocean waves in the background and let yourself be enchanted by the villas overlooking the sea that are there! In Laguna Beach there are something for everyone and will not disappoint even the most demanding! In some cases you will also find signs with the telephone number to try to ask for the price of one of these dream houses, but take a seat before asking! You can easily get to 7 zeros around here!!

Laguna Beach - Ville da Sogno

And now?! Where do we eat in Laguna Beach?!

Are you in Laguna Beach and don’t know where to eat? Discover the best places to eat in Laguna Beach in the next post!

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