La “Superba”

Yep! We’ve decided to dedicate an entire section of our blog to our region and our beloved city: Genoa!

Genova - Piazza De Ferrari

Underrated by everyone, especially by Ligurians, it has a thousand charming aspects and can make anyone fall in love with it. So we decided to start visiting our city and region as tourists, putting ourselves in the shoes of someone who comes to our land and clashes with the somewhat closed character of our fellow countrymen.

You will see a regal city, leaning against an alpine hill, superb in men and in walls, whose appearance alone indicates the mistress of the sea

Francesco Petrarca, 1358

So we’ll give this section extra love and every time we get the chance, we’ll add a piece, like a puzzle, trying to change the view of our Liguria to tourists and other Ligurians!

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