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Nonni Avventura - Sri Lanka EN

Sri Lanka, the tear of India

Sri Lanka is a destination that we would like to visit very soon and for this reason we asked NonniAvventura for advice who have been there and have written this post for us!! Thank you!

Sri Lanka is an island located in the Indian Ocean, southeast of India.
It has the shape of a drop and for this reason it is often known as “the tear of India”.

After all, Indian culture is often found in the traditions and culture of this enchanting place.


Previously, her name was Ceylon, and she has always been renowned for her production of the highest quality teas.

Its capital is Colombo, the languages spoken are Tamil, Sinhalese and of course English, since Sri Lanka has been a British colony for a long time.

Sri Lankan Road

What to see

The island offers many things to see, but we especially liked the archaeological sites and religious buildings.

The most widespread religion across the country is Buddhism, but there is also a large percentage of Muslims.

Tempre Buddha tooth

One of the most important temples in the whole country is located in Kandy: according to legend, it houses a Buddha tooth and for this reason it is the destination of many pilgrims (and also many tourists) who go to venerate the important relic.

The archaeological site of Polonnaruwa is certainly worth a visit; is the ancient capital of Sri lanka and today and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Here you can admire a huge stupa and Buddha statues scattered throughout the area.

And above all we must not lose what is considered the symbol of Sri Lanka: the fortress of Sigiriya. It is a fortress on whose top there was once a royal palace. Climb to the top is not easy at all, but I guarantee you that it is worth it.

The beaches in Sri Lanka

Beaches of the island, perhaps, are not as beautiful as those of the nearby Maldives, but they are certainly very pleasant.

Among the best known and most frequented by tourists is Mirissa. Here you can take “acrobatic” baths in its waves, but also swim among the turtles that hang out in the area. And above all, you can eat in small, delightful restaurants on the beach that serve fresh fish.

Sunset Pasikuda

Another beach that we liked a lot is Pasikuda, it is located on the east coast and is still little known and frequented by foreign tourists. Here the sea is much calmer than in Mirissa; the beach is semi-deserted and its sand is fine and white … a stay to be enjoyed!

Finally there is the beach of Tangalle: it is the ideal place for diving. Here in fact, on the seabed, there are numerous wrecks that are fun to explore.
At night, you can see the turtles laying their eggs in the sand and sometimes the young ones who, after hatching the eggs, slowly crawl to reach the water.

Sri Lanka Wedding

These are just some of the reasons why we recommend you to visit Sri Lanka, but we leave you the surprise of discovering its smiling and warm people, its excellent food, its luxuriant nature.

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